Arranging Finance

At All About Modular we’ve teamed up with asset finance specialist TeleLease to offer competitive finance options on modular buildings.

Available to businesses throughout the UK mainland, the process is simple and straightforward and makes buying a new modular building so much more affordable.

Rent or Buy?

Renting a modular building is fine for short periods, but if the rental extends beyond a year or two then Lease Purchase is likely to be a more cost effective option.

Organisations that use buildings for 3 years years or more generally find that the monthly payments on a Lease Purchase are similar to the equivalent rental but when the agreement comes to and end the building is theirs to keep.

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase offers the ideal solution for businesses that prefer to pay monthly rather than tie up valuable capital buying a modular building.

Available with payment profiles of one month in advance, Lease Purchase offers all of the cash-flow benefits of rental and enables the monthly expenditure to be aligned with the profits of the business.

All About Modular is a supplier of modular and portable buildings for a variety of project requirements across all business sectors from Health, Education, Manufacturing to Retail, whether it be for hire or purchase.


For registered businesses the VAT paid on the purchase price of a modular building can be recovered in the usual way.

Corporation Tax

The Corporation Tax position for modular buildings is determined by what the building is used for and whether or not you intend it to be moved.

Some buildings are counted as plant in which case they will qualify for the Annual Investment Allowance and 100% of the capital cost can potentially be written off in year one.  Others will be treated as buildings in which case capital allowances will not apply to the building itself but might be available on some of the internal fittings such as climate control units.

Given the complexity of the situation we recommend that you consult a professional accountant for advice based on your individual circumstances.

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Finance is available to businesses only and is subject to credit approval.  Terms and conditions apply.